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"Ccharm: Original Messages and Wishes on Amulets"

"Ccharm: Original Messages and Wishes on Amulets"

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The Wishes Encased in 'Omamori'

In life, events can be the result of our own choices and actions, but there are also unforeseen occurrences, like accidents, that can happen suddenly without warning. Perhaps this is why, since ancient times, people have had 'omamori,' small amulets, around them to provide warmth and protection for their hearts.

In modern times, people have various wishes, such as 'health,' 'exam success,' 'warding off misfortune,' 'road safety,' and 'prosperous business.' They carry or place 'omamori' in their surroundings to bring positivity to an unpredictable future, recognizing that luck alone cannot determine what lies ahead.

Inside the 'omamori,' a special cloth is included. Here, you can infuse your heartfelt wishes and messages for your loved ones. You can create your own original 'omamori.' It can become a special token when given as a gift to family or friends.

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