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"Ukiyo-e Coaster: Ichikawa Katsuzo as 'Takemura Sadanoshin' by Sharaku"

"Ukiyo-e Coaster: Ichikawa Katsuzo as 'Takemura Sadanoshin' by Sharaku"

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Ukiyo-e Inspired Acrylic Coasters

Infuse art into your everyday life with these acrylic coasters featuring Ukiyo-e motifs. Elevate your tea time and enjoy the charm of these small but artistic accessories.

Currently available in six different designs, we also offer discounted set prices.


  • Diameter: 90mm
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Weight: 22g

Sharaku (Birth and Death Dates Unknown)

In the sixth year of Kansei (1794), Sharaku burst onto the ukiyo-e scene like a comet, creating approximately 150 ukiyo-e prints in just ten months before mysteriously disappearing. His unconventional compositions and distinctive depictions of actors garnered significant attention.

In the early 20th century, German art researcher Julius Kurth introduced Sharaku as one of the three great portrait painters, alongside Rembrandt and Rubens, further establishing his international acclaim. However, Sharaku's true identity remains a mystery, and he is often referred to as the 'enigmatic ukiyo-e artist.'

Ichikawa Katsuzo as 'Takemura Sadanoshin'

In this role, Takemura Sadanoshin is depicted as a tragic character who commits seppuku (ritual suicide) in place of his daughter, who has committed an immoral act. Portrayed by Ichikawa Katsuzo, who was also known as the fifth Ichikawa Danjuro, he was celebrated as one of the foremost actors in the theater world. Sharaku's portrayal vividly captures the emotions of the character with intense gaze, raised eyebrows, and facial expressions, making it one of Sharaku's masterpieces and a highly popular work both domestically and abroad.

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