Collection: Bonds of the Heart and Wishes

There are various types of omamori (amulets or charms) in Japan, covering areas such as traffic safety, success in exams, and good health. Almost every Japanese person has worn or received one of these amulets at some point in their life.

These amulets allow you to imbue your own wishes and messages, which you can carry with you for personal protection or share with someone special. Some of them even include special cloth for you to write down your thoughts and intentions. Additionally, there are "sending cloths" that you can use to send warm wishes to loved ones, similar to a traditional Japanese "noshi" or a message attached to a gift.

The uses for these amulets and sending cloths are versatile. You can use them as parting gifts at farewell parties, or to celebrate someone's 60th birthday, or simply to send warm wishes and messages from your heart.